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The National Aerial Work Machinery Leasing Conference was held in Wuxi

The National Aerial Work Machinery Leasing Conference hosted by the Machinery Management and Leasing Branch of China Construction Industry Association was held in Wuxi on March 2, 2017. Du Xuemin, general manager of Zhongsheng Baili, as the vice president, was responsible for preaching the relevant content of the "China Aerial Work Platform Operation Examination and Training System", and conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with the guests present, and jointly looked forward to the development prospects of the industry.

Yancheng accelerates the construction of "5+1" high-speed railway network and promotes the Yantai-Xizhou-Changyi Intercity Railway Project

On March 6, I learned from the Yancheng Railway Office: From January to February, the city completed the investment of 242 million yuan in railway construction, of which the Yancheng section of the Yancheng Railway completed an investment of 188 million yuan, and the Yancheng section of the Yanlian Railway completed an investment of 54 million yuan. Yueda-Kia railway loading base for commercial vehicles was put into operation, laying a solid foundation for the completion of the annual railway construction goals and tasks.

Precautions for outdoor installation of gantry cranes

Comparing the gantry crane with the bridge crane, it can be seen that the installation of the gantry crane is relatively more convenient. The relevant precautions must also be strictly observed when installing outdoors. Then, based on years of experience in the industry and from the perspective of actual operation, crane manufacturers talk about the precautions for outdoor installation of gantry cranes for the reference of new and old customers.
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