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2023 Shanghai "China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition"

On July 5, 2023, the Ministry of Commerce of the company participated in the "China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition" held in Shanghai. At this exhibition, our company's leading product - CDEY6t+6t fully automatic aluminum oxide crane, which is the largest aluminum oxide crane with lifting capacity in China, received high praise from customers at the exhibition.

Hold company annual meeting

On February 2, 2018, the company held the 2018 annual meeting in Chenyang Farm, Baini Town. The chairman of the company, Mr. Jiang Shaoting, sent New Year's greetings and New Year's messages, and conveyed the message to the employees who carried out the installation of engineering projects in other provinces and abroad. The company expresses its sincere gratitude to them for their hard work. The annual meeting had a wonderful performance. During the performance, a lottery was held. The party ended successfully with a song "Blessings" by Chairman Jiang.

The company's 2019 annual meeting

"A tree with new plums for the ages, sailing back to the old grass and welcoming the spring". On January 19, the company held the "Guangdong Nangui Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. 2019 Annual Meeting" in Chenyang Farm, and some partners were invited to attend. In the song of laughter and joy, the chairman of the company, Mr. Jiang Shaoting, delivered a speech. Chairman Jiang summed up the results of the joint efforts of all colleagues of the company in the past year, and sent a message to the company's annual goals at the beginning of the new year, so that the company's leading products will be brilliant again.

2019 Company Qingyuan Qingquan Bay Day Tour

On June 16, the company's employees and some employees' family members participated in the annual free collective tour of the company. The company's tourist destination - Qingyuan Qingquan Bay Tourism Resort. Surrounded by the verdant green mountains, breathe the sweet air with the fragrance of grass, and enjoy all kinds of exciting water entertainment programs in Qingquan Bay: the rubber boat is involved in the super loudspeaker that is weightless in an instant, the rainbow slides down Road, fully enclosed spiral waterway that travels through time and space, bamboo forest with clear and green bamboo rafting at the bottom, and parent-child water park full of laughter, allowing employees to release themselves and return to the joy of nature.

In 2019, "One Belt And One Road" - Sri Lankan customers came to the company to inspect the goods

On July 7, the "One Belt, One Road" initiative, the company will send 4 LDA and LH bridge cranes to Sri Lanka. Accompanied by General Manager Wang of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Sri Lankan customers came to the company for inspection and loading. After the inspection, our strategic partner in Asia - Sri Lankan customers highly praised the company's product quality, and had a friendly negotiation with the company's chairman - Mr. Jiang Shaoting on further cooperation.

2019 company Mid-Autumn Festival garden activities

On September 11, the company held the "Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival" garden activity in the multi-functional conference hall on the third floor of the office building. The chairman of the company, Mr. Jiang Shaoting, delivered a congratulatory speech and presented Mid-Autumn Festival blessings to employees who were far away from Tanzania and Indonesia for engineering installations. This park tour includes exciting and thrilling dart throwing, climaxing hoops, nervous and funny drinking competitions with straws, endless lantern riddle activities, multi-talented K songs by employees, and ups and downs of cash prize draws. All game projects have exquisite Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, and the event ended successfully at 21:30.
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