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Guangdong Nangui Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. 

Guangdong Nangui Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. or commonly referred to as Nangui, established in 1992, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of transformer tank and various cranes. There are two production bases in Nangui, which are located in Foshan and Jiangmen, covering an area of more than 70,000 square meters in total. There is a separate dedicated workshop for transformer tank manufacturing, covering an area of 120,000 square meters, and the crane under-hook clearance can reach 12 meters.


During the past 28 years, Nangui has been engaged in developmnet and innovation of technology and business. In this case, 24 technologies with a national patent certification have been gained. Apart from that, Nangui has passed not only ISO9001: 2015 quality system certification but also intellectual property management system certification. ISO3834-2 enables our company to fully meet the quality requirements of international welding and better serve overseas customers.


In order to expand further business and enhance corporate competitiveness, Nangui have carried out a project cooperation with Foshan city Huage Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd( Huage), who has committed to research and production of transformer tank for more than 20 years. Huage have moved the production site to Nangui with the whole unchanging team and all relating equipments to ensrue the sustainable quality of products. There is no doubt that Nangui(Huage) is an experienced and professional expert in transformer tank production. Therefore, Nangui(Huage) is always the nominated supplier of some top 500 global corporations and well-knowenterprises such as: SiEMENS, ABB, Alstom, CLP, Andritz, etc., and established a cooperation relationship in technonlogy and production with them.

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Nangui Hoisting Machinery


The sea is vast because of its vastness and embraces hundreds of rivers; the mountains are majestic because of their thickness and vicissitudes. Nangui, which has gone through 30 years of glorious history, is based on the richness of the mountains and the broad cultural heritage of the sea, with the concept of "constant self-improvement, integrity is gold", with the concept of "creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, and creating opportunities for the society. Efficiency, healthy, harmonious and sustainable development of the enterprise" as the tenet, practice the development strategy of "do a good job of lifting equipment wholeheartedly, be refined and strong, and strive to be listed on the domestic main board", in order to achieve the vision of "sustainable development, building a century-old enterprise" as The goal is to provide customers with high-quality and satisfactory products wholeheartedly.


Behind the rapid development of Nangui, it is inseparable from the hard work, dedication and innovative spirit of every Nangui; it is inseparable from the encouragement, support and sincere cooperation of many partners; it is inseparable from the trust and recognition of many customers; It is inseparable from the care, love and support of government departments at all levels, special equipment associations and all walks of life... These are the important strengths and sources of confidence that are indispensable for Nangui to lay a solid foundation, develop rapidly, and achieve success.


Heaven rewards diligence, humanity rewards honesty, and business rewards trust. The development history of Nangui for more than 20 years has proved that integrity is the foundation of enterprise survival, customer demand is the orientation of enterprise development, innovation is the driving force of enterprise development, and quality and service are the guarantee of enterprise development. Looking forward to the future, Nangui's continuous innovative development concept, management mode that keeps pace with the times, modern production technology, and the trust and support of customers and friends from all walks of life as always will lead Nangui to go faster, wider and wider. a healthier development path.


Today's Nangui has set sail; tomorrow's Nangui, I hope to continue hand in hand with you for common development!

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Address: No. 6, Jujin Road, Machinery Plastic City, Xincun,Baini Town, Sanshui District, Foshan

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